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Does your yard look like it needs the expert touch of a responsible tree contractor? Are you thinking of hiring someone to create a new design and layout for your landscape? In any case, calling Carolina Land & Tree will be the most appropriate thing to do if you are after unique results! As a fully licensed and insured company established in 1992, we assure each client that their property in Graham, NC will look simply fantastic when we are done with it.

 Why would you find our landscape services beneficial?

It can truly be challenging to be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your entire yard, let alone do the entire new design by yourself. Let us handle that for you, and you can rest assured that the appearance will definitely impress you!

 What exactly can we do for the better future of your yard?

Besides landscaping design, we can also help you with your trees, improving their health, appearance and maintenance. If you have no experience dealing with such tasks, then make sure you get in touch with us to find out why our large variety of services will be of great benefit to you!

 How will the job be finished?

Using cutting edge materials and the knowledge of our creative landscape design specialists, we will come up with the most remarkable design that suits your exact needs and individual requirements.

  Do not forget to ask about our 5% Google discount when you reach our team! If you are looking for a company offering an effective tree service and distinctive landscape solutions in Graham, NC, Carolina Land & Tree is here for you! Contact us today!

by Michael McDonald on Carolina Land & Tree
The N1 tree service in Graham, NC

There are tree service providers and there are tree service providers! Carolina Land & Tree were amongst the awesome ones! Very nice clearing up after the service and exceptional concern about safety. I am definitely going to call you again guys!

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Carolina Land & Tree
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Carolina Land & Tree offers superior landscaping services for residential and commercial properties. We design, maintain, and fix any flaws within the premises. Our work includes backyard and lawn designing, patio and deck constructions, sprinkler system installation, grass and shrub trimming, and so on. Our elite team of landscapers will also provide you with aftercare pointers and guidelines to make sure you keep your lawn in mint condition.

Incredible landscaping designLandscaping and lawn care are easier said than done. The process may seem simple at first, but as the assessment and planning goes on, you will find yourself faced with more than just an overnight or weekend project. Average property owners are simply unfit to perform the tasks needed for landscaping projects. Depending on the extent and nature of work, landscaping projects also require the right equipment. Let Carolina Land & Tree worry about these requirements while you sit back and relax.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or short deadline, we can always meet the needs and expectations of our clients. After thousands of projects completed over decades in the business, we have been able to keep this promise. Enjoy our complete range of services including precise stone masonry, such as steps, walkways, and decks, impeccable plantings and perennial arrangements, driveway paving, picturesque outdoor lighting, small fish ponds, etc. We offer design ideas in the form of presentations. We also provide samples of our recent projects in the Photo Gallery section, so that clients now exactly what we can do. You may also need someone to maintain your landscape? Our skilled workers can do it for you. Attending to your every need is a goal we have striven to achieve since our foundation.

Our service bids are insanely low and market competitive. We even hold occasional promotional offerings and special deals to make our services even more sweeter. We also include a free site checkup prior estimations and planning. This makes the final bids more accurate and fair to clients while also enabling us to speak with them in person for effective relay of goals and needs. For further information please contact us.

Outstanding landscaping designsLandscaping is a great way to add a fresh look of your property. A landscape design done by a professional and licensed landscaper is an invaluable investment for property owners who are planning on redesigning their land. In Graham, NC, nearly all clients trust Carolina Land & Tree for their landscaping projects. No matter of the size of the project, we can offer you a variety of landscape designs. We are dedicated landscape designers who want to provide all the best to our clients! We also offer top notch tree services.

Carolina Land & Tree is a leading landscape designer company in Graham, NC. We carry more than 20 years of experience in the landscape business and we still continue to grow. Our professional reputation continues to spread across Graham, NC and even communities outside its borders. Our fundamentals have always been aligned with what’s best for our clients. We strive to make our landscape services the mark for excellence and full customer service. It is our overall pleasure to cater to such a great crowd of clients in Graham, NC.

You will love Carolina Land & Tree‘s prices. We proffer some of the world’s most inexpensive landscape services.