Why You Need the Landscape and Tree Service Provided by Our Company

Carolina Land & Tree is based in Graham, NC. In business since 1992, our company specializes in landscape and tree service. Whether you need a good tree contractor or some other landscaping job done, we will be able to offer you quality and professional assistance.

Tree Services

 If your trees are not well-maintained, they will die, lose their attractiveness, or even cause damage to your property if they fall on something. Not to mention that they can fall on somebody. For all these reasons, quality tree maintenance and removal services are a must. Planting, trimming, and pruning are among the most common maintenance procedures.

 Trimming and pruning both refer to the removal of broken, dead, or diseased branches of both young and mature trees. This type of care is provided to protect the tree from  decay-causing fungi which will also penetrate and infect other areas of the tree. Pruning is done on young plants to ensure that they will have the desired structural integrity as well as branch architecture. If properly performed, this service will reduce the probability of costly problems and the need of structural support in the process of maturation of your trees. It is also necessary if you want your trees to look better. It will make them safe too, by removing dead branches that threaten to fall.  Trimming is the cutting of tree branches for aesthetic reasons mostly.

Landscaping Design

Many factors exist that must be considered in the process of designing a landscape. One of them is what kind of interaction between their yard and nature homeowners aim at. That is, what types of animals, birds or insects they will want to attract and what to repel. Our experts will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of having certain types of fauna in and around your property.

We will also advise you on the types of vegetation that will be most suitable for your outdoor space, depending on the kind of soil you have.  Of course, besides design, we offer maintenance and care services too. For a beautiful yard, trust only Carolina Land & Tree. To reach our Graham, NC company, dial (336) 290-5556 today!